Mandatory Compliance Exam For All Coaches

-All college athletic personnel, volunteers, representatives, and those agents who are approved by the athletic program to be involved in the athletic program shall complete the full exam for their position, with a minimum score of 80 percent, the CCCAA Online Compliance Rules Exam and attend a certification and information meeting regarding the Constitution and Bylaws at least once a year prior to August 27. Those completing the full exam for their position with a minimum score of 90 percent shall be eligible to take a reduced 20-question exam the following year. All personnel must sign the college’s FORM R-2, Statement of In-Service Training, indicating attendance and commitment of adherence to the Constitution and Bylaws. The FORM R-2 shall be electronically submitted (email attachment) to the CCCAA Director of Membership Services, with a copy sent to the conference commissioner, and the original retained in the president’s office on campus. These meetings shall be held throughout the year as individuals are hired to assume the responsibilities of the aforementioned positions. Subsequent Statements of In-Service Training forms necessary throughout the year shall be distributed as previously mentioned. (See Article 1.5.6.) (Adopted & effective 6/10/10) (Adopted & effective 6/24/11) (Adopted & effective 11/2/12) (Adopted 3/28/13 effective 7/1/13) (Adopted 2/12/15 effective 7/1/15) (Adopted 6/12/15 effective 7/1/15)

-All personnel assisting in any aspect with a Grossmont intercollegiate athletic team must complete NANCE or Volunteer paperwork with Grossmont College.  Please contact to obtain and complete paperwork.  Paid coaches and volunteers may not begin interaction with intercollegiate teams until paperwork is approved by Grossmont-Cuyamaca Human Resources.