June 5, 2018 - Women's basketball assistant coach, Brionna Baker, will lead the 2019 season as interim head coach at Grossmont College. After fifteen years of dedicated service, veteran head coach Karen Caires has taken a one year leave from coaching and will focus on teaching Exercise Science and Wellness (ESW).

Coach Baker played at Grossmont College under coach Caires from 2006 until 2008. After graduating in 2008, Baker transferred to California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) to continue to play basketball and earn her Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology. Most recently, Baker attended San Diego State University to pursue her Masters of Science Degree in Kinesiology. 

Coach Baker has assisted coach Caires with the women's basketball program since 2016.

Q: Coach Baker, what are you most excited about for the 2018-19 season?

A: I look forward to my first season as head coach. As a former Grossmont alumni I am excited to uphold tradition and bring along staff that have been successful student-athletes at Grossmont as well.

Q: Who are you expecting to be your impact players in the 2019 season?

A: We are looking to all of our returning players to make a large impact this season. Our program expects growth in skill, IQ and physicality.

Q: What are you expecting from the new basketball recruits?

A: Our incoming class is looking to make an impact to push us towards a conference championship. Chiara Mattern has the ability to drive both ways effortlessly and has a great 3-point jump shot. Charity McWashington has uncanny speed, she is a point guard that has a defensive mindset and loves to rebound. Tokwa Kwai is a small forward with grit, we look forward to her ability to get to the basket and rebound. Andrea Valenzuela is a post with great touch around the rim, she uses her size to finish and rebound efficiently, her 3-point shooting ability is a great asset as well.

Q: What have you learned from coach Caires over the last two seasons?

A: Karen Caires has had many successful seasons and has had many successful student-athletes come through her program. I played under Coach Caires from 2006 – 2008; during that time I learned about the importance of time management, hard work, and mental toughness. I look forward to building on the foundation she has established for me and many Griffins over the years.

Q: Women's basketball begins training October 1st, what will you do first with your team?

A: We will begin training our team with drills that require and encourage mental and physical toughness, smarts, and teamwork. We will do many drills that have quantitative outcomes. This will allow players to challenge those numbers the next time we conduct the drill in order to build competitiveness and encourage goal setting and achievement.

Interim Head Coach Brionna Baker can be reached at Grossmont College in building 41, office 135, via email (, and by telephone (619) 644-5005.

The Grossmont College 2018-19 women's basketball season kicks-off October 2018. The lady Griffins compete within the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference (PCAC), as part of the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA). For more information, please visit

2018-19 PCAC Schedule
Date Location
1/16/2019 TBA * at Desert
1/18/2019 7:00 PM PST * vs. San Diego City
1/23/2019 7:00 PM PST * at San Diego Mesa
1/25/2019 7:00 PM PST * at Imperial Valley
1/30/2019 7:00 PM PST * vs. Southwestern
2/01/2019 7:00 PM PST * vs. Palomar
2/06/2019 5:00 PM PST * at Mt. San Jacinto
2/08/2019 5:00 PM PST * at San Diego City
2/13/2019 5:00 PM PST * vs. San Diego Mesa
2/15/2019 5:00 PM PST * vs. Imperial Valley
2/20/2019 5:00 PM PST * at Southwestern




 Brionna Baker (left), and griffin teammates 2006