Grossmont College sponsored it's 1st ever "Grossmont College Gives Back" Dodgeball tournament on Friday April 27, 2018. The event featured nearly 30 teams and lasted almost 3 hours. Each team entering the tournament donated at least two bags of non-perishable food as an entry fee. The tournament is a result of Griffin leadership in the form of student engagement coordinator Susan Berry.

Berry has "birthed" the campus food pantry and continues to find ways to assist its growth and awareness. The Grossmont College Gives Back Dodgeball Tournament was an excellent student engagement event that greatly benefited the newly launched Gizmo's Kitchen.

Please click on this text to make a monetary donation to our food pantry!

The Tournament was a star studded affair that attracted some incredible local area talent. Grossmont College students; Huy, Yu, Leo, Tatsuhiko, Kenta, and Miho (members of team Yamato and Huy) had a strong showing finishing in the final 8. However, team Umoja proved to be too much in this 1st annual tournament with a very impressive performance and overall tournament championship.

Team Umoja shocked the dodgeball world by defeating the Dodgefathers in the championship contest. Amanuel Mikre, Ernest Davis (Injured Reserved), Tanez Davis, Tim Perry, Abenazer Albe, Mike Kitwanda, and Elroie Albe are all members of the Grossmont College Umoja Program and newly minted Dodgeball Champions.

The UMOJA (A Kiswahili word meaning Unity) Program is not only a community; but a critical resource, that is dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of Africian Americans and other students at Grossmont Community College. This program is run by Jason Allen and you can receive more information regarding Umoja by clicking on the text!

However one of the concerns related to the first annual Grossmont College Gives Back Dodgeball Tournament swirls upon Dodgeball great Thomas "Moe Green" Armstrong and his future in the sport. The world famous Dodgeballer suffered his first loss today at the hands of six hungry young men more than half his age and it raises the question should Thomas "Moe Green" Armstrong retire?


Young up and coming talents Terrance "Luca Brasi" McClain and Ronald "Tessio" Blain are key additions to the aging Dodgefather squad that features young and not young, men and women, students and faculty! Terrance McClain is a member of the Grossmont Griffin football team and Ronald Blain is a PCAC All-Conference basketball player. 

"Terrance is a bonafide Division I prospect, I wish the best for him in football, however as a Dodgeballer he just does not cut the mustard; we unfortunately released Terrance after the tournament. Ronald is one of the top college basketball players in the state of California, however his hands in this sport are suspect and requires a lot of improvement, we may keep him around," comments Associate Dean of Athletics, Thomas "Moe Green" Armstrong.

Ronald Blain following the tournament commented "I was really just honored to play on the same court as Mr. Armstrong and I have heard stories, but to see it in person was really one of the highlights of my sports career, I really hope Vice President Lorenze Legaspi is okay after being on the receiving end of a Moe Green heater." 

Dodgefather veterans Brittney "Connie" Budde and Patrick "Enzo the Baker" were solid through-out the tournament. "Brittney is playing on a different level, she is top tier and Patrick has that speed and movement that is usually over whelming for opponents, I felt Samantha "Carmela" Seiders played very well and had some key catches," reflects Moe Green.

Those in attendance had a tremendous experience and for information regarding athletics please visit and make sure to come visit Assistant Athletic Director (Sports Information Director) Samantha Seiders, Administrative Assistant II, Brittney Budde, and Academic Specialist Patrick Aure Monday through Friday in the Athletics Department!!! The athletics department would like to thank Susan Berry and her wonderful students for allowing us to be a part of this great event! 

Grossmont College Gives Back Dodgeball Tournament Photos