#2 Nellie Escandon
#2 Nellie Escandon

The #5 state ranked Griffin women's volleyball team hosted unranked San Diego City College Wednesday, October 16 for its last first round conference match-up of the fall (PCAC). The second set of the match proved to be quite exciting, as there was a scoring discrepancy that tested both teams and its coaches.

The second set opened as usual with a G-House point and an early 4-0 lead. The Knights forced a time-out after taking the lead 7-6. After the break, the set continued point for point until City bridged a five point lead (18-13). In due diligence, Grossmont closed back in 19-18.

Play stopped momentarily though as a conversation sparked between officials at the scoring table. The score was incorrect! 

"There's no way they have 20 points!" exclaimed Coach Callahan of Grossmont.

The official book held the score at 20-18, not 19-18. After much deliberation with officials, Coach Callahan walked away unhappy, but motivated...

The Griffin women knew what they had to do and continued the set with an unbelievable run. As the Knights remained at 24 points, Grossmont won seven consecutive points and stole the set 26-24.

Coach Dede Bodnar of SD City claimed it was an interference of momentum that changed the outcome of the set.

Grossmont defeated SD City that night in three sets (25-12, 26-24, 26-24). #11 Shaney Lipscomb and #24 Natalie Seol both finished the game with 13 kills. #4 Haley Morton totaled 39 assists, and #1 Kortney Hitt had 18 digs.

Grossmont women's volleyball continues 7-1 in conference and 17-2 overall with a .623 RPI (fourth highest in Southern California). They women are scheduled to play City again at San Diego City College Friday, Nov. 15 at 6:00 p.m. Don't miss it!